Gm- Clark

Players- Tyler, Cody , Mason, Alex, Garret

its 20 years after the apocalypse and everyone is trapped inside of some apartments. the undead are roaming outside making it difficult to escape… suddenly, a helicopter flies by and shoots at all the zombies killing them. as the helicopter flies away the pilot yells out “a new faction is being created and me need all the help we can get! go to Belton Dam and we’ll see you there!” the part decides to do just that, but on the journey there, they are stopped by a gang. mason threatens to kill their moms and they let everyone through, but not after Cody tries to join their ranks. Mason searches a car, and Cody loads his gun as they come up to a man trapped underneath some rubble. they help him up and give the man water. the man. says his name is Dave. he tells them he is going to join the new faction himself and starts showing them the way to the base. mason decides to jump off the dam, and breaks his leg. they make it to the base, but not before getting attacked by a group of zombies. Cody expresses his dis-taste for guns in the game.

Zombie Apocalypse